Interesting technological devices in our homes and companies – advantages and disadvantages.

Posted on 25/03/2022 7:15am

Intelligent homes are not a sci-fi any more, they are becoming a part of our reality. Many organisations are interested in selling high technological equipment to our houses. That kind of devices have upsides and disadvantages let’s evaluate a few of them.

Today it is hard to live without an Internet connection, our personal computers, smartphones and vehicles full of technological devices are a significant part of our day by day life. Many of us can’t imagine an existence without these handy technological devices, because of its impackt on their way of life.

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We use devices connected to the Internet increasingly often in our homes, it is not only a computer or a mobile phone, but
as well a TV or light. This situation has many advantages, for example we can programme our TV-recorder to switch on at appropriate time or swich off light in our room by Smarthphone, when we are already in our corporation. We can also install a few cameras in the interiors of our house, connect them to our personal computer or mobile phone, and observe what is going on inside when we are on vacation or to inspect the people who work for us such as a house keeper or a gardener.

However a high technological building can bring some difficulties in our life. Our family and guest could feel not very good knowing that they are observed by eye of the camera or unsecured in a place which has only electronic doors and where every single thing is connected to the Global Web. What if something happened to these devices, some software house fault. In custom software these situations can have happened occasionally, however when we have got a huge building full of high technological devices problems with software house or firm can be a bigdisadvantage - java web developer. Besides a large number equipment may record what we say even if they are off-line . They are as well exposed to hack attacks and viruses, it is a great thing to have strong firewalls and many different programs to secure even custom software.

In the future we are going to have more and more high technological equipment which should make our existence easier. However we have to remember about our safety in the Web and about a large number of illnesses which may appear while using a personal computer and the Internet like game or Internet addiction, depression or obesity.
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