The pros from the SFA execution

Posted on 08/08/2020 8:06am

The preformance of the Software Sales Force Automation in the manufacture or distribution company leads to many real pros. SFA systems assistance the goes of companies eagent, including presale (series orders) and van selling (doorstep selling, from the car). The mobile terminal streamlines tasks accomplished by sales representatives in the organization of customer visitsappoitments. From a smartphone or tablet clerks gains information about new promotions and the availability of products.

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Author: Maurizio Pesce
Mobile tools allow you to present views of products, that reinforces the information of the commercial tender (click here). The most important benefits of implementing SFA system comprise: improve the activities of companies agents, cuting the time to collect and trade bespeak, improved checking tasks performed by employees. Beside them, also important are: instant access to timely information about discounts and sell-out, catalog or receivables of a particular customer, everywhere in the world and the ability to set and accomplished goals and sales budgets and the ability to lead multi-dimensional resolution of sales over time (almost) real.

SFA software supports the management of the work of the sales crew. These functions include planning visits and meetings of the off-raod members of staff. The needs of intinerary, determining the activities to be performed as well as creation and settlement of sales schedule. Data gathered in SFA systems are took to track the productivity of traders, let to define targets and support motivate in a offer to improve sales.

Sales manager or employee working outside the off-road workers defines a list of tasks to perform during customer meeting. The operations can be: confirm of the order, to show new bids, conducting tests, gathering information on claims and customer evaluation. SFA system let time notifying of sales representatives, track crossings and controling of their goas.

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This details may be complered by data gained from vehicle tracking systems (GPS monitoring), such as the position of the vehicle, information about the number of refueling or fuel intaking.

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